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I read widely from many genres. Perhaps this blog will feature fewer ratings and reviews, but I certainly intend to write about my reading life - it's the subject I most find myself wanting to talk about.

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2015 in Romance: My Year of Stephanie Laurens

The Lady Chosen - Stephanie Laurens

At any given time, I'm in progress reading a mass-market historical romance novel. I usually read a chapter a day in the bathtub before work. In 2015, I read 20, all by Stephanie Laurens (the streak started at the end of 2014). 


It started on the recommendation of a friend who thought I'd enjoy her Bastion Club series. I read through all of those, then tackled the Black Cobra quartet, skipped back in time to the first six Cynster novels, and in between hit a few of the stories in which secondary characters were promoted. 


Reading that many titles by one author allowed me to learn her tropes and special details. Sometimes, she's very "old school;" other times, the books feel timeless. Some of the books were outstanding; others had points I found troublesome. You can find specific posts in my 2015 archive for more details. 


As much as I'd like to continue with Laurens - Chillingworth, Montague, the twins, even Felicity's feckless cousin (not sure how she'll make him mature into hero material), all are still waiting for me - I'm taking a break. I'm jumping over to Jane Feather's "V" books, then I plan to catch up on some Julia Quinn, and perhaps Sarah MacLean or Eloisa James.


Will I get back to Laurens in 2016? Remains to be seen. In the meantime, if I had to recommend one title, I'd pick Bastion Club #1, "The Lady Chosen." Read my post about it here: http://carissagreen50.booklikes.com/post/1100175/a-grown-up-romance. There's a prequel, "Captain Jack's Woman," but as in almost all romance series, you need not read it to appreciate the book. 


And, as always, follow me on Booklikes to see what I'm reading, if you care to read along.