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I read widely from many genres. Perhaps this blog will feature fewer ratings and reviews, but I certainly intend to write about my reading life - it's the subject I most find myself wanting to talk about.

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Chekhov Four Plays
Anton Chekhov, David Magarshack
Beyond the University Why Liberal Education Matters
Michael S Roth
First Love, Last Rites
Ian McEwan
The Gay Science: with a Prelude in Rhymes and an Appendix of Songs
Walter Kaufmann, Friedrich Nietzsche
A Kierkegaard Anthology
Robert W. Bretall

Lost in a Book

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

Sometimes I sit down to read a book, start to finish, or as close as possible, and get totally lost in the narrative. Seven and a half hours go by, like today, and I'm completely in another world. 


Time has passed. The light has changed. I'm fatigued, a little bit queasy, perhaps. Under-hydrated. Uneasy because things have happened in the world while I was completely oblivious to the world even being there. 


It's a great, great feeling. 


Thanks, Gillian Flynn. "Dark Places" was one of those books.