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I read widely from many genres. Perhaps this blog will feature fewer ratings and reviews, but I certainly intend to write about my reading life - it's the subject I most find myself wanting to talk about.

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Notes on Adaptation: Testament of Youth

Testament of Youth - Vera Brittain

A few weeks ago, I saw the new adaptation of Vera Brittain's "Testament of Youth." I read the book in anticipation and absolutely swooned. The movie lived up to my reading. Read what I thought of the book here: http://carissagreen50.booklikes.com/post/1228703/new-literary-hero-vera-brittain.


Alicia Vikander's performance was luminous, and it was nice that she wasn't a sex android in this film. (Of course all of the boys who drooled over her in "Ex Machina" probably ignored this picture.) She was beautifully dressed in period costume. If I owned the rose-pink dress she wore in the graduation scene, I'd never take it off. 


There were a few differences from book to movie - mostly to condense the events of the war into a coherent time-sensitive narrative. Malta disappears completely. Vera finding her brother in the field hospital in France never happened. And the scenes at the swimming hole the frame the story are basically a convenient narrative invention. But who cares? It was so beautiful and glorious.