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Notes on Adaptation: Paper Towns - Casting Edition

Paper Towns - John Green

So I've watched the trailer for the "Paper Towns" adaptation two or three times now. My first reaction: That's not Margo.





Perhaps I was too influenced by the cover of the edition I read, which accurately reproduces Margo's "chestnut" hair, as described in the book, which is "cropped" in the last scenes but falls over here eyes in the beginning. My Margo is a bit punk, a bit goth, but carries it like the queen bee she is. (My cousin, a great reader and John Green/YA fan in general, read the edition with the push-pin cover, so she's not having this problem.)


Who is this Margo? Cara Delevigne. I finally placed where I've seen here before: She's been all over the pages of Vogue magazine. And, last fall, she was the face of Allure's Best of Beauty issue (the must-read). But it was weird -- instead of doing their usual feature interview with the cover celebrity, they did a story ABOUT Cara with no interview. And she posed for the cover with a lot of hair and nothing else. Her empty sex-robot stare was in full-force. 




Cara Delevigne is one of the most successful young models of the last few years. But every editorial photo I've seen of her shows her perfected "look" is that of the dead-eyed robot. Nothing there. Vapid. And Margo is so not that. Her head is full. She's active. She's angry. My Margo's more manic than depressive. In the trailer, it's all wrong, wrong, wrong. But I'm withholding judgement. Right.


Also, if you look carefully at the gas station shot in the trailer, it looks like Radar's girlfriend, Angela, is along for the road trip (she's not there in the book). Could be wrong. But that's a big plot point to mess with.


On the plus side, though, the three male leads seem to be perfectly cast. My Radar was beefier than this guy, but I can live with the choice, because he's described as having spindly legs. Skinny is ok. 


An adaptation is not a reproduction, but this one's already not meeting my expectations.