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Gillian Flynn gets nominated

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

The Golden Globe nominations were announced today, and novelist Gillian Flynn was nominated for Best Screenplay for the adaptation of her own book, "Gone Girl." 


I know the Golden Globes aren't the Oscars, and they're not even always a "serious" film awards show, with their quirky panel and odd choices, but they are the second only to the Oscars in popularity, and they only do half as many screenplay nominations, as the Oscars divide the award into two categories, adapted and original. The Globes lump them together, so only five get a shot. 


This year, the GG nominated screenplays only included two true adaptations (Wes Anderson's "Grand Budapest Hotel" being merely "inspired by" an author's oeuvre. And, 
"Gone Girl" is the only screenplay adapted from a novel. "The Imitation Game" comes from a biography. The other two nominees are original screenplays. 


So good for you, Gillian Flynn. I hope you are nominated for a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar (and I think you'd even be a worthy winner). This is certainly an auspicious start.